Thursday 1 December 2022

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Traffic accident in Tabriz

A serious traffic accident occurred in Tabriz, South Azerbaijan. According to information received, on October 10, a car accident involving carrying school girls on the highway in Tabriz-Bostanabad. Three children died and 38 injured. As a result of the accident,...


The armed attack on the women’s gym in Tabriz

On 9th of October the armed attack on the women’s gym in Tabriz took place. An unknown man entered the hall with a gun and threatened the women, stole their money and valuables. One of the witnesses told Nasr news...

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Offer from Tractor Sazi to Aykut Kocaman

At the beginning of the season, Ali Koc after separating from Fenerbahce, for a while did not run any team. After 4 seasons in Fenerbahce , one of the most experienced technical man was claimed to come to South Azerbaijan....


Urmiye University Students Want Turkish to be one of the Official Languages

Urmiye University Turkish students, sticked labels on the wall in favour of the Turkish language in the country to be one of the the official languages. On October 7, it was seen that Turkish, Persian and English labels were adhered...


33rd Azerbaijan Cycling Tour came to an End

33rd Azerbaijan Cycling Tour was completed in South Azerbaijan. This year’s tour is reported to be very quiet and unexciting. The final stage of the ’Azerbaijan cycling tour can was held in Tabriz on Friday. Belgium’s Tartelto became the champion...


Lukoil Stops Oil Supply from Iran

Vahit Alekperov, President of Russia-based energy company Lukoil, says they have stopped oil purchases from Iran completely. Alekperov, who has made statements to the Russian press, said they have stopped oil purchases from Iran completely. We expect final statements to...


Scientist Cemil Hasanlı visited the Hazar Association

Scientist and teacher Cemil Hasanli visited the Hazar Association. Hasanli gave deep and important information on “21 Azer” and “Azerbaijan Democrat Party” to the members of the association and he also got along well with the employees of the association.


France Accuses Iran in recent Attack

On June 30th, France announced that Iranian intelligence was behind the attempted attack on the effectiveness of the Iranian opposition in Paris. According to the report, it was revealed that the attack plan was identified and directed by the Moghadam...


Protest in Construction of Tabriz Metro

Most of the employees in private and public enterprises in South Azerbaijan cannot pay their fees on time. This time, workers in the Tabriz subway started protesting against the payment delay. According to the report, the workers who worked for...


The Iranian Author’s despicable article on “Tractor” football team and Mr.Zenuzi

Tebriz’s Tractor Team; The Islamic Revolutionary Guard (Sepah) began to strengthen itself after being released the Azerbaijani businessman Mohammadreza Zenuzi. The team came to Iran “Iranian Verzishi“ newspaper said. Said Aghayi, a columnist in the official state newspaper, published an...


Araz News English, Weekly Report and Analysis 29.09.2018


33rd Azerbaijan Cycling Tour Began

Despite many obstacles, the 33th Azerbaijan Bike Tour was launched on September 30th. The first phase of the competition began in Tabriz (151 km) on the Tabriz-Urmiye route. In the second round, cyclists will travel from Urmia to Culfa for...


South Azerbaijani Truck Drivers in Action

On September 23, the protests began in Southern Azerbaijan and Iran. According to the report, on the 8th day of the protests, seven drivers were detained by security forces in Razan city of Hamadan province. The Razan prosecutor accused the...


South Azerbaijani Deputy: The Age of Drug Use has fallen to 13 years.

Muhammad Ismail Saidi, deputy of Iranian parliament from Tabriz, Azershehr (Tufargan) and Üskü, said that he was deeply concerned about the prevalence of drug use and age limit among drug addicts. According to the website, Tabriz Bidar warned the law...


Accident in Tabriz: 7 Dead

South Azerbaijan’s non-standard roads continue to take lives. A spokesman for the East Azerbaijan Emergency Medicine Center said that on September 27th there was a heavy traffic accident on the road Tabriz-Urmia. According to the remarks of Vahid Shadiniya, seven...