Saturday 28 January 2023

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Urmiye University Students Want Turkish to be one of the Official Languages

Urmiye University Turkish students, sticked labels on the wall in favour of the Turkish language in the country to be one of the the official languages.

On October 7, it was seen that Turkish, Persian and English labels were adhered on the walls. Students objected to the education system of the country and demanded that the Turkish language be taught in schools and universities.

The stickers affixed to the wall were “Madrasah schools must be in Turkish Language”, “Turkish Language should be Official Language“, “Article 15 of the Constitution should be applied” and “We Want education in Mother Tongue”.

A number of cultural events, including book distribution campaigns, are organized in South Azerbaijan on International Mother Language Day and Nevruz. The book distribution campaign, which started with the motto “Books is Turkish for Everyone”, was organized by many activists in many cities of Azerbaijan, including Erdebil, Meshashehr and Zenjan. Protesting Iran’s unilateral system, activists raised the issue of education in their native language and protested against the pressure in Iran.

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