Saturday 28 January 2023

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France Accuses Iran in recent Attack

On June 30th, France announced that Iranian intelligence was behind the attempted attack on the effectiveness of the Iranian opposition in Paris.

According to the report, it was revealed that the attack plan was identified and directed by the Moghadam . The newspaper said that the statement of the Paris administration was made in the light of the results obtained by months of research and sharing of information between many countries. 3 suspects were arrested before the attack.

In a written statement from the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office, it was reported that Amir S. and his wife Nasimeh N had been arrested on suspicion of being in the process of preparing to attack the event.

It was recorded that the attackers were stopped in Brussels on the move and in the search for their vehicles, there were 500 grams of TATP and an explosive device. France today also announced that the Ministry of Intelligence and Security of Iran had frozen its assets belonging to the Directorate of Homeland Security for 6 months.

While no official statement was made on the issue, it was reminded that the appointment of President Emmanuel Macron as the Special Envoy of Syria has not been replaced by the French Ambassador to Tehran, François Senemaud, since June. The French press had earlier claimed in late August that the French Foreign Ministry had sent diplomats and officials to postpone their travels to Iran due to security concerns.

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