Saturday 28 January 2023

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The armed attack on the women’s gym in Tabriz

On 9th of October the armed attack on the women’s gym in Tabriz took place.
An unknown man entered the hall with a gun and threatened the women, stole their money and valuables.

One of the witnesses told Nasr news agency that; When the attacker entered the hall, women were reported to be in shock. He shouted for about half an hour and threatened to open fire on the women at the club. The young man, who said he was going to shoot the police with a gun, was dressed in black and his face was not masked.

The woman told the news agency that he wanted to turn everyone’s face towards a wall.

Fortunately no one was hurt. The police launched a case study.

Recently, theft, armed assault and murder cases have increased in the cities of South Azerbaijan. Suicide, depression and divorce cases are also observed. Experts say that all of it is due to limited public and private freedoms in the country and recently tied to the economic tensions.

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