Saturday 28 January 2023

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The Iranian Author’s despicable article on “Tractor” football team and Mr.Zenuzi

Tebriz’s Tractor Team; The Islamic Revolutionary Guard (Sepah) began to strengthen itself after being released the Azerbaijani businessman Mohammadreza Zenuzi. The team came to Iran “Iranian Verzishi“ newspaper said.

Said Aghayi, a columnist in the official state newspaper, published an article that used insulting statements for Tractor and his owner Zenuzi.

Aghayi: The owner of the tractor club M. Zenuzi is very ambitious. Despite the current exchange rate, he brought many small and big stars to Tabriz. In this game you are crazy and fall in love with the championship. However, the Tractor is a house built on water and dreams will have no effect. ”

“M. Zenuzi is a billionaire, a famous celebrity. But the end of his path will bring nothing but unhappiness and disbelief. He’s far from football and he doesn’t even know his alphabet. With his leadership, the current laughter will soon be changed by his tears.” says the other part of the article.

The tractor team has been working for many years by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards (Sepah). In this process, the Tractor Club suffered many problems. After the protests of our citizens, the Tractor Club has been left to Azerbaijani businessman M. Zenuzi in recent months. After that, serious changes were made to the Azerbaijan club and the team was transferred to a strong coach and star players. Mr. Zenuzi’s special interest in the Tractor Club is a concern, and many of them are related to the club’s spending.

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