Friday 24 May 2024

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South Azerbaijani MPs are Positive about State Parliamentary Elections

MPs from Tabriz, Eher and Maraga welcomed state-level parliamentary elections.

This issue was discussed at various levels after the Iranian parliament adopted a final bill on the state in the last days.

The Iranian Parliament Press Office, which published this news, published the views of several deputies who voted against the bill.

Tabriz deputy Shehabeddin Bimigdar, who supported the elections on a provincial basis, said that parliament would nationalize the election of deputies.

The deputies Ali Celili Shirvan and the deputy of the city of Eher Beytullah Abdullahi also considered the elections as positive for the province.

If the project is approved at the final stage, parliamentarians will be competing to represent provinces rather than cities in the upcoming elections.

The change in the electoral law of the nations living in Iran varies according to the region and conditions in which they live

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