Saturday 28 January 2023

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How the Iranian regime allows drug trafficking for foreign currency liquidity

The US called on the major buyers of Iranian oil to halt all oil purchases, of course, not all will follow this demand, but the fact that Iran’s oil exports will decline is beyond question. On the other hand, due...

What Iran’s World Cup Team Says About Oil Production

BY BRENDA SHAFFER In the current tight oil market, where little wiggle room exists between supply and demand, any production outage has the potential to significantly impact the global oil price. And while observers frequently discuss many of the geopolitical...

Hosseinbor Chairman of the American-Baluch Council speech at the US Congress

On Tuesday, June 26, Dr. M. HOSSEINBOR, Chairman of the American-Baluch Council, spokes  at the Iran’s Democratic Transition Conference  in the  US Congress. The text of his speech is as follows; As the Chairman of the American-Baluch Council, I would...

Babek Chalabiyanli speech at the US Congress

On Tuesday, June 26, Babek  Chalabiyanli, Spokesman of Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization, spokes  at the US Congress. The text of his speech is as follows; Good Morning, Ladies and gentlemen and dear Congressmen, as a spokesperson of “Azerbaijani National Resistance...

Araz News English Weekly Report and Analysis 23.06.2018

The world remains silent on Iran’s murder of Ahwazi activists

While Palestinians are killed daily with the complicit silence of the international community, Iran’s regime presents itself as the heroic defender of Palestinian and wider Arab freedom. In fact, it subjects Iran’s Ahwazi Arab population in southwestern Iran to the...

Ahwazi man Hatem Marmadi, 20-year-old from the city of Khafajiya, died last week under torture in a prison in the eponymous regional capital Ahwaz.

Iran became a prison for minorities

Perhaps, no one may be surprised by the rampage and injustice, taking place in Iran. Recently world mass media were writing about the Iranian police beating and dragging a woman along the ground, because her hijab was loose. This woman’s...

Commemorating the anniversary of the 2005 April Intifada in Ahwaz

Ahwazi Arab People Have Had Enough of being Oppressed by the Iranian Government

Ahwazi Uprising Continues!

Ahwazi Arab People Have Had Enough of being Oppressed by the Iranian Government

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Araz News English – 27.01.2018

Babek Chalabiyanli’s Presentation on Brussels Conference

In Brussels,the EU headquarters,  activists from Iran’s ethnic minority populations, as well as politicians from Arab and regional nations and other countries worldwide gathered on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st  of January for a conference named “Together to Counter Iranian-Sponsored...

Conference: Uniting for Freedom From Iran’s Terror, and Toward a New Democratic Middle East

Rahim Hamid is an Ahwazi Arab freelance journalist and human rights advocate who mainly writes about the plight of his people in Iran. Only a few meters away from the EU headquarters in Brussels,  activists from Iran’s ethnic minority populations,...

Tractor Sazi's new coach from Turkey

Tractor Sazi football team had an agreement in principle with Ertugrul Sağlam

South Azerbaijan football team Tractor Sazi had an agreement in principle with Ertugrul Sağlam, Bursaspor and Super League champion. South Azerbaijan team managers, who wanted to work with Sağlam since long ago, came together in Istanbul to discuss the collaboration....

Upon Calls by South Azerbaijani Organizations

Anti-regime Protests in South Azerbaijan

In the recent days anti-regime protests erupted in many cities of Iran. The protests had begun due to awful economic conditions, very high unemployment and inflation. But very rapidly it turned to ani-regime rallies and spread throughout mostly Persian populated...

Bare racism in Iran

Racist Slogans against South Azerbaijani Turks during Football Match in Tehran

During a football match on 29th December between Perspolis team of Tehran and Tractor team of South Azerbaijan forty thousands of Iranian supporters sounded racist slogans against Turks, shouting “Donkey Turk”! While the match was on live broadcasting the racist...