Tuesday 18 June 2024

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Unidentified Body in Salmas City

An unidentified man was found in Salmas, South Azerbaijan.

The event took place on Friday, October 12. Salmas City Police Bureau Chief Ramazan Fetullahi, spoke to the Fars news agency.

On Friday morning, the body of an unknown man was found in front of the Khatamiul-Anbiya hospital. The body is likely to belong to a foreign citizen.

Security and judicial authorities began to investigate the case.

According to the chief of police, we will be informed about the identity of the body found after passing the medical examination.

Recently, crime cases in Southern Azerbaijan and Iran are frequently encountered. Experts believe that the reason lays in the community desperation, family conflicts, drug addiction, unemployment, poverty, etc. Despite all these crimes and the crisis, it is seen that the Persian government did nothing to deal with it.

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