Monday 15 July 2024

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We Condemn the Russian Occupation in Ukraine

Statement of the Cooperation Platform of Azerbaijani Political Organizations on the Ongoing Russian Occupation in Ukraine

After the bitter memories of Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union in the eastern peoples, there was hope that the eastern peoples will be able to break free from Russian imperialism. Unfortunately, the examples of Chechnya, Georgia, Syria, Crimea and now Ukraine show that Russian imperialism is trying to return to its old days.

We believe that Russian people and the free Russian conscience do not approve Putin’s ongoing policy and this hurts their human feelings. But unfortunately, Russia could not get rid of ruthless dictators.

In any case, Russia will not win the war in Ukraine. Because if a dictator has waged war on a people with common lineage, common religion and a common culture, he has in fact waged war on his roots and his future, and he will not win such a war.

Today, the Ukrainian nation considers itself an independent and free nation and fights heroically for it. We stand by the Ukrainian people and condemn Russia’s occupation. Because it is a war waged by a dictator, not by peoples. In the long run, there will be no winner in this war, but in the short term, only dictatorsbenefit from this war. As we can see, only countries that are mired in dictatorships, such as Iran and Syria, support Russia, and even China cannot openly support Russia.

As the Cooperation Platform of (South) Azerbaijani Political Organizations, we see this war not only as a war between Russia and Ukraine, but also as a war against democracy and freedom, lunched by dictatorship and despotism, and therefore we see ourselves next to Ukraine. The Russian occupation must end immediately and Ukraine must continue to live freely.

Long live free Ukraine

Cooperation Platform of (South) Azerbaijani Political Organizations
AZOH – Direniş – GADP


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