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We condemn the missile attack of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards from Tabriz on Iraq

Analyses of the Platform for Cooperation of [South] Azerbaijani Political Organizations in Condemning the IRGC Missile Attack on Northern Iraq;

On March 13, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) fired 12 ballistic missiles from its bases near Tabriz, South Azerbaijan, into neighboring Iraq in an illegal and destabilizing move. Immediately after this action, the Iranian propaganda apparatus, referring to the launch point of these missiles, pointed that as a massage to neighboring Turkey and [Northern] Azerbaijan.
The Islamic Republic of Iran, which in the international arena claims to adopt an approach and strategy based on the slogan of “neither east nor west”; is becoming the privacy of the eastern powers, while the policies of eastern powers are becoming more and more apparent to the people of Iran.

The Islamic Republic’s missile strike in the midst the Russian aggression toward Ukraine is not accidental, and at least one of the goals of the IRGC has been to move in Russia’s interests. These actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran are against the interests of the Iranian peoples, and because of these irrational policies of the regime, life of the people is becoming more and more difficult. Naturally, such actions are only propaganda for the Islamic Republic of Iran and impose huge costs on the peoples living in Iran.

In the meantime, Tabriz and South Azerbaijan, the cradle of tolerance and altruism, were purposefully selected as the launching point of these ballistic missiles, and then the state media and Persian fascism called “Iranshahri”, made headlines as a clear message to the Turkey and North Azerbaijan. This uproar is a clear sign of the Iranian government’s fear and anxiety about Tabriz’s deep ties with Baku and Ankara, as well as the national movement of South Azerbaijan. But Tabriz and Azerbaijan, contrary to the colonialist ideology of Tehran government, have always had the message of peace, friendship and brotherhood for all nations of the region and the world, and now in the war-torn Middle East, South Azerbaijan is one of the rare communities which exercises its struggle for right to self-determination in a civil and democratic manner.

As the Platform for Cooperation of [South] Azerbaijani Political Organizations, we strongly condemn the belligerent and destabilizing action of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in launching missiles from Tabriz to neighboring countries. We emphasize, South Azerbaijan will send a message of peace and brotherhood to the neighboring nations and the world on the day after its liberation.

Platform for Cooperation of [South] Azerbaijani Political Organizations
AZOH – Diranish – GADP

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