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Letter of support from the parties and organizations of South Azerbaijan to the President and the Nation of Ukraine

His Excellency Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine
Greetings and good luck to you and the brave nation of Ukraine

Unfortunately, the world is witnessing a brutal tragedy by an authoritarian and dictator in the age of democracy and human rights. For days, the brave nation of Ukraine has been invaded by the Russian army led by Vladimir Putin, which has displaced millions of Ukrainians. Unfortunately, with each passing day, the depth of the tragedy increases and the other side, by relying on its military power, causes more crimes. Every day, the values of human rights and international law are ignored and violenced by bombing civilian areas, especially defenseless children and women. But the people of Ukraine are fighting harder every day to defend freedom, justice, human rights and democracy, and to defend their homeland at great expense.

Over the past few years, the Ukrainian nation have repeatedly experienced this tragic experience by sacrificing the lives of thousands of their citizens, but the world has only watched this injustice, oppression and aggression. We have seen examples of this indifference and inaction against Vladimir Putin’s aggression and occupation on the Crimean peninsula and the Donbas.

His Excellency Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of the brave Nation of Ukraine
As you know, the land of Azerbaijan has been repeatedly invaded by Russian imperialism, and as a result of the Russian aggression, Azerbaijan has been divided into northern and southern parts, and a history full of suffering has been imposed on our nation. Although northern Azerbaijan has finally freed itself from Russian occupation and regained its independence, South Azerbaijan is still under Iranian-Persian colonization, which is also a close ally of Putin and supports him. That is why the suffering of occupation, aggression, forced migration, colonization and in a sense deprivation of the right to self-determination is a common pain between us, the people of South Azerbaijan and the heroic nation of Ukraine.

We believe that the Putin regime, in blatant violation of international law, has violated Ukraine’s territorial-national and political independence, and has committed crimes against humanity and war crimes by illegally using military force as well as targeting civilian targets in Ukraine.
We, the organizations and parties of South Azerbaijan, while supporting the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people against the occupying Russian army, call for the support and assistance of all governments, organizations and human rights institutions to the people of Ukraine. We believe that the resistance of the Ukrainian people is the defense of the homeland and the right to determine their national destiny, and with your prudent leadership in the near future we will see the victory of the Ukrainian people in this occupation war.

We also condemn the support of the fascist and dictatorship regime of Iran for the occupation war launched by Russia against Ukraine.

Long live Ukraine
Long live the friendship of the nations of Azerbaijan and Ukraine
Cooperation Council of South Azerbaijani Organizations:
1- Azerbaijan Central Party (AMP)
2- Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization (Diranish)
3- Azerbaijan Student Movement (AZOH)
4- Freedom Front (GAMAC)
5- South Azerbaijan Democratic Party (GADP)
6-South Azerbaijan Democratic Turkish Union (GADTB)
7- South Azerbaijan Independence Party (GAIP)
8- South Azerbaijan Liberal Democratic Party (GALDP)
9- South Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement (GAMOH)

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