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Iran’s Schools Hit by Chain Poisonings: Regime Must be Accountable

In recent months, dozens of Iranian students have suffered from chain poisonings in various schools across the country. The situation has raised grave concerns among parents, students, and the public, with government authorities demanding action and clarity.

Today, the situation took a drastic turn, with more than 400 students being poisoned in girls’ schools across different cities in Iran. This follows the serial poisoning of students in Iran over the past 100 days, with approximately 2,200 students in girls’ schools being affected. This includes 400 in Borujerd, 800 in Qom, and 400 in Ardabil, all of whom were taken to hospitals for treatment.

The chain poisonings have affected at least 116 schools in various cities, including Tehran, Qom, Karaj, Kavar, Lahijan, Rasht, Urmia, Borujerd, Hamedan, Kabudrahang, Zanjan, and Arak. Notably, all-girls schools have been a primary target, with many students falling ill and requiring hospitalization.

While the news of the poisoning of students and parents’ protests is reported from different cities of Iran, the proposal on this issue by a member of the Iranian Parliament caused convulsions for a few minutes of the budget review session. It was also reported by Rasht that “tear gas was fired” at the concerned parents who gathered in front of the education department of this city.

During a public meeting of the Iranian Parliament, which was dedicated to examining the details of the budget bill, Khalkhal representative Ghani Nazari angrily said that the serial poisoning of students reached Khalkhal, and the people were upset and nervous, and the responsible agencies were not doing anything. These words of his were met with the protest of a number of representatives and the reaction of Mohammad Baqir Qalibaf, Speaker of the Parliament, who told him to express his opinion about the budget.

In Khalkhal’s response, the representative continued: “Mr. Qalibaf, in Khalkhal city, students have gone to the hospital due to poisoning, and then what do you expect me to talk about?” My duty is to tell the authorities to follow up on the issue and to demand this from the responsible authorities. Since morning, people have called and asked me to follow up on the matter.”

The exact cause of the chain poisonings remains unclear, but investigations by relevant authorities have found samples of suspected substances that are being analyzed in reputable laboratories. Some reports suggest that the poisonings may be caused by toxic gases or chemicals, but no definitive evidence exists.

The chain poisonings have triggered widespread concern and outrage among parents and students across Iran. Parents have organized protests and demonstrations outside hospitals and government buildings, demanding urgent action to address the situation. The situation has also led to many parents keeping their children at home, fearing for their safety.

The Iranian government has promised to take swift action to address the chain poisonings. The Ministry of Interior has formed a task force to investigate the situation, and the Ministry of Health has sent medical teams to affected areas to provide treatment and support. The government has also promised to provide clear and transparent information to the public to alleviate concerns and maintain trust.

However, the Iranian regime must be held accountable for its failure to prevent these poisonings from occurring. The regime is responsible for protecting the safety and well-being of its citizens, particularly schoolchildren. The lack of transparency and information regarding the cause of the poisonings is unacceptable. The regime must be transparent in its investigations and provide the public with clear and accurate information.

The chain poisonings of Iranian students, particularly in all-girls schools, are a serious concern that requires urgent action from government authorities. The Iranian government must identify the cause of the poisonings and take measures to prevent further incidents. The safety and well-being of Iranian students are paramount, and the government must take swift action to address this pressing issue. The public also deserves clear and transparent information about the situation to maintain trust and confidence in the government’s response. The regime must be held accountable for its failures to protect the safety of its citizens.

By Babek Chalabi

Babek Chalabi is a South Azerbaijani activist based in Washington DC; Chalabi also is the

founder of ArazNews.org. Babek tweets under @BabekChelebi.

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