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33rd Azerbaijan Cycling Tour came to an End

33rd Azerbaijan Cycling Tour was completed in South Azerbaijan. This year’s tour is reported to be very quiet and unexciting.

The final stage of the ’Azerbaijan cycling tour can was held in Tabriz on Friday. Belgium’s Tartelto became the champion of the round, the Russian national team and the Dutch Aleko team took second and third place.

“Pishgan Kabir “and” Shahardari “of Tabriz took the fifth and eighth places.

The tour started on September 30th and continued until 5 October and competitions were held in East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan and Erdebil.

33. Azerbaijan Cycling Tour The Republic of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic, as well as Tabriz’s Shahdari and GunAy teams, as well as the Pishgan Kabir from Yazd, eight foreigners and the Iranian DFT and the national team.

The Azerbaijan Cycling Tour, which has been registered as the lar International Azerbaijan Tour in the Asian Bike Federation calendar, has been recognized as one of the most reliable tours in Asia since 1986.

The Iranian regime has taken some steps to overthrow the tour of Azerbaijan in recent years. In 2013, ”Azerbaijan Cycling Tour“ was renamed as ”Iran-Azerbaijan Cycling Tour 2013. The tours in East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Erdabil and Zenjan provinces were later carried out. In addition, the tour, held annually in the summer, was held in the first months of autumn last year. Many countries refused to participate in the race as it rained.

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