Sunday 9 December 2018

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Iranian Government Depicts Urmia Lake on the map as a Desert


The Iranian Ministry of Education has taken out the Urmia lake on the maps of the second-grade textbook.

It is known that this situation is for the purpose of forgetting the Urmia Lake, which is in crisis and drying up to 95%. Previously, two textbooks in grades 5 and up excluded the Urmia Lake from the map of Iran.

The action of the Ministry of National Education against Azerbaijan caused a large protest of our citizens.

Apparently, it is a priority for the Iranian Ministry of Education to show students where the Lake of Urmia is located as a desert.

The drying process of Lake Urmia behaves like a very natural process, and even explains the region as a desert. The textbook explains the crisis of Urmia Lake due to human abuse and interference with nature

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