Tuesday 18 June 2024

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Analysis: The PKK terrorist organization has begun to work in order to form the same terror corridor in Western part of South Azerbaijan as in the northern Syria.

This movement is trying to attract leftist activists among South Azerbaijani Turks.
The Iranian sub-branches of the PKK, KODAR and PJAK, have officially announced the so-called Democratic Confederalism “and Iranian Democratic Army” project in Europe. The PKK is also trying to legitimize the project of the so-called “Iranian Democratic Army” under the name of Kurdish and Azeri leftist union. However, the number of South Azerbaijani Turkish leftist activists who the PKK can attract does not exceed the number of fingers of a hand.
From the far right to the far left, all of the South Azerbaijani organizations and political movements see PKK as a terrorist organization and know that its main intention is to open up a sphere of influence in the region. Although the PKK is claimed to be the leftist organization, the fact that it is clearly supported by the global powers and serve their goals, does not escape public attention; the powers which the leftists cal imperialists and see as their enemy. There is no one who doesn’t know that to reach its dirty goals, the PKK refers to drug smuggling, and all kinds of inhumane activities including mass murder.
The Turks of South Azerbaijan know the dirty ambitions of the PKK and oppose it by all means.
Surely, if the PKK attempts to make such a mistake, and continue its work in the region, for this terrorist organization and its collaborators, the South Azerbaijan will be a swamp that they would never leave.

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