Monday 10 December 2018

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Analysis: Persian opposition and non-Persian nations questions


In Iran, as the situation of the so-called Islamic regime becomes critical, anti-regime activities are increasing.
In recent weeks, activities increased especially around the old king’s son Rıza Pehlevi. A number of political forces are gathering around this person and are trying to make the society accept him as the representative figures of the anti-regime forces. These efforts are supported by a number of states. It is important to note that Rıza Pehlevi and people around him has recently had extensive propaganda in the Persian media.
Riza Pehlevi and the Halk Mücahitleri (People’s Strugglers) or ”Mojahedin“ are the most prominent groups in Iran’s Persian oposition; countries opposing the Iranian regime support these groups. In the meantime, the name of Rıza Pehlevi has been advertised very actively throughout the recent month.
In Iran, non-Persian nations, especially Turks, have negative perception about both groups. Rıza Pehlevi is the heir of his father and grandfather, who made Persian nationalism into state ideology in Iran. He still expresses his pride in what they did, and there is a clear Persian nationalism in his discourse. Persian nationalism as a state ideology in Iran has been a disaster and collapse for all non-Persian nations, especially Turks.
These nations never trust the Persian nationalists and see them as responsible for their dark days. This is the ideology of the heir Rıza Pehlevi.
People’s Strugglers are in the same situation in another way. Throughout its life, the People’s Strugglers organization has proved that, so called, Islamic regime in terms of brutality, violence and fascism has never been left behind.
Trying to assert the Strugglers and Riza Pehlevi as the representative of the anti-regime forces is considered a complete disappointment and a disaster for non-Persian nations. It is a mistake to think that these nations will accept such a situation. Particularly in Iran, the Turks, who constitute forty percent of the population, will never accept this conditions and will oppose their power.

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