Monday 15 July 2024

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President Rouhani will not visit Lake Urmia during his visit to West Azerbaijan

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will not visit Lake Urmia during his visit to Western Azerbaijan next week.

After declaring the program of the visit of the Governor to West Azerbaijan, people drew attention to this issue.

Governor of West Azerbaijan Mohammad Mahdi Shahriyari said that the main goal of the President is to meet with the public.

Undoubtedly, the president will not be welcomed by the people of Urmia, who are in crisis. Hasan Ruhani promised to revive the Turkish lake Urmia and to establish a center of Turkish language and literature in Tabriz. Hasan Ruhani’s words had not yet been fulfilled, and even during his presidency, the water volume of Urmia Lake fell from about 3 billion cubic meters to over 1 billion cubic meters. All this created a serious insecurity in Hasan Rouhani in Azerbaijan, and it is clear from this date on how the Rouhani will be met in West Azerbaijan.

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