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National Slogans during Tractor’s match

On November 2, our countrymen sang national slogans during the match of Tabriz’s Tractor football team and Peykan football team at Kuds Stadium in Tehran.

Although the match was held in the city of Peykan, the host had about 100 fans in the stadium. The number of Tractor supporters is estimated to be 10 thousand people.

During the game, the citizens of different parts of South Azerbaijan, shouting out slogans “Tabriz, Baku, Ankara, where we are and where are the Persians?”

In the 10th minute of the game, they sang the slogans “Education in Turkish Language – for everyone.
Tractor – Peykan match ended with the score 2 : 1. After this victory, Tractor rose to third place of tournament with 19 points.

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