Sunday 9 December 2018

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South Azerbaijani Deputy Emphasized the Importance of Mother Language


Ruhulla Hazratpur, Iranian Parliament Deputy of the Urmia city of South Azerbaijan, expressed that he wants his mother tongue to be taught in schools and universities, and warned that non-Persian tongues should not be dismembered.

He spoke to Hane-yi Millet news agency in this regard.

“According to the law, the language taught in schools and universities is Persian. That’s understandable. But we need a special program to strengthen local languages. To this end, we presented recommendations to the Ministries of Education and Science, Research and Technology for teaching local languages. Unfortunately, they have done very little in this direction. ”

“The mother tongue, including the Turkish language, will be taught in universities, as well as in exams for accepting students, strengthening languages and protecting local traditions. I think this process is necessary even for the development of the economies of the regions. ”

“It is the natural right of the people to teach their mother tongue in schools and in universities. All Iranians should know that they have equal rights in the country. For this reason, along with the official language of the country, local languages should be strengthened, “he said.

According to Article 15 of the Iranian Constitution, it is the right of citizens to receive education in the mother languages together with the Persian language. This demand is being put forward by millions of Azerbaijani people, but the Iranian regime has taken no steps in this direction and the protests against the regime have expanded.

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