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Deputies continue to Object Racist Speech of Minister of Education of Iran


The racist remarks of the Iranian Minister of Education Muhammad Bethayi against non-Persian languages have caused many protests.

Deputy of Binab city, Ziyaolla Ezazi, speaking to the parliament on Sunday, demanded apology of Bethayi.

“I am warning the Minister of Education about ideas expressed on bilingual subject. The minister must apologize for this statement, otherwise we, as deputies will take necessary measures within the law. ”

Ezazi also pointed out problems in the education system of the country. “We avoided the ideas of the Islamic revolution in the sphere of education” he said. Schools differ in essence. While those who pay are studying in good schools, those who do not have money are educated in bad schools. This situation must be changed “.

Another MPs protesting against the Ministry of National Education is Südeyif Bedri, a member of Iranian parliament of the Erdebil, Namin, Nir and Sareyn.

Speaking to the Fars News news agency, the deputy described the speech of the Minister of Education as a very rude and inappropriate.

“The Minister of Education recently called the education in local languages dangerous . This irresponsible statement is both illogical and irrational. ”

At this moment, the country is opposed by the various foreign enemies and the mismanagement of many internal officials. In such a case, the mis-speakers, together with discriminatory forces, shoot down the unity of the country. ” he said.

At the end of his conversation, Südeyif said, “We are investigating this issue as the representative of this country. The Minister of National Education should answer the deputies. ”

On July 14, Minister of Education of Iran Mohammad Bethayi emphasized that the learning of non-Persian languages is very dangerous, and that the education in languages other than Persian is “the red line to the system”.

In this regard, the Minister of Education spoke at the meeting held in Isfahan.

The minister explained that; “In some areas, students are taught lessons on local level. This is a very dangerous matter. Since children learn local languages with their parents, they should learn the official language of the country as well.

In fact, in bilingual schools, pupils learn a local language in the school environment and the Persian language can only be learned in class. That is why our students are educated in Persian language and education in Persian is our red line. As you know, bilingual teachers use a native language to communicate better with students. In any case, the Persian language should be used as a language that provides the unity of the country. ”

Our South Azerbaijani societies continue hard objections to this explication.

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