Wednesday 23 January 2019

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“Books in Turkish” Campaign in South Azerbaijan


On the eve of the new academic year, a Turkish book-buying campaign was launched in South Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani students and national activists launched a campaign with the support of millions of supporters of Azerbaijan’s Tractor Tutbol team.

The activists called on the South Azerbaijani Turks and all Turks living under the brutality to buy various Turkish books on the eve of the new school year. The aim was to protect the Turkish language and identity, to support Turkish writers, publishers and bookstores.

According to the information published on the website of South Azerbaijan Student Movement, many important points were mentioned in the declaration directed to valuable Turkish people of Azerbaijan and millions of Tractor team supporters.

At the beginning of the report, an explanation was made, “According to the UNESCO Organization, a person who can not read or write in their mother tongue is considered illiterate.”

“After the collapse of the government and the development of the Antik Pahlavi regime, Turkish education and learning were banned in Iran for about a century. This issue contradicts article 15 of the Iranian Constitution and causes the dissatisfaction of 40 million Turkish people in Iran.

Teaching Turkish in schools is one of the main demands of Turkish nation. Therefore, at the 15th minute of the game, the slogans like “Everybody should get education in Turkish language” are being shouted out in stadiums, matches held in Tehran and other cities, and the 15th article of the Constitution is required to be realized.

Iranian President Hasan Ruhani promised to revive Urmia Lake and create a cultural center for Turkish language and literature in the pre-election campaign period, but five years have passed since no action was taken.

On the eve of the new school year, Azerbaijani students and national activists announced that the Turkish book collection campaign had begun taking into account the demands of Turkish nation and Tractor supporters in Iranian geography.

All Turkish citizens living in Iran and Tractor’s team supporters, social network users and all activists are asked to join the campaign. ”

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