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Reamrks of South Azernaijans Parliament Member to the Minister of Education Of Iran


Iranian deputy, of Germin City of South Azerbaijan,Himayet Mirzade, stated that he, in an open letter, warned Minister of National Education Mohammad Bethayi, who said that education in his mother tongue should be forbidden.

Mirzade, the spokesperson of the Commission on Education, Research and Technology, demanded Bethayi’s apology to be writen an open letter.

Mirzade letter; “Calling the use local language oinf ethnic minorities in the classroom a red line is a very dangerous move and it is against the constitution of the country. According to the Constitution, in addition to Persian, native language teaching is legal.

For this reason, implementation of the 15th Article should be initiated. In the education system, the use of local languages is the only means of describing peoples appropriately rich cultures. Moreover the failure to implement constitutional law and the failure of teachers to meet demands of their students should be regarded as a red line.

As a minister, you should immediately apologize to the people and correct your words. You must also instruct the establishment of special groups to teach local languages in the context of the implementation of Article 15 of the Constitution of Iran. These groups are obliged to prepare textbooks in local languages and to train their teachers to form the basis of their mother tongue teaching. ”

H. Mirzade, at the end of the letter, emphasized that “if the Minister of Education does not make these changes, it is the right of parliament members to call parliamentary to send warnings and question Bethayis competence to be in parliament”.

On July 14, Minister of Education of Iran, Mohammad Baitai said that education in languages other than Persian in school is a “red line”, saying that it is dangerous and prohibited for pupils to study in non-Persian languages. This expression of the minister caused a broad protest of the Azerbaijani Turks.

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