Wednesday 23 January 2019

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University Students Demanded Education in Mother Language


The students of the Medical University of Hamadan with banners requested the education in their mother tongue (in Turkish).

On 18 October, the students’ request for collection was announced at the meeting with former Minister of Education Dr. Hamidrza Haji Babayi.

Students who wish the Turkish to be their mother tongue demanded that the 15th and 19th articles of the constitution be implemented, providing their rights to receive education in their mother tongue.

The main demands of the students were the teaching of the Turkish language in schools, as well as the opening of Turkish channels for all Turks in Iran.

Minister asked the students who demanded implementation of the article 15, and the TV broadcast in Hamadan, not to take into account the demands of more than half of the province’s population. He answered questions of the students in a meaningless way. The words of the former minister were so sincere that the students decided that these words were not suitable for non-Persian nations.
Students asked: “People living in the country did their best to protect the Islamic Republic of Iran at the beginning of the revolution. Still waiting for justice to happen? Does not the Iranian people react to the humiliation? Is Islamic justice appropriate?”

The Iranian regime rejects the Turkish nation and its identity as a threat in its own right, denying the existence of this nation, calling them Azeri or Iranian. The regime punishes Azerbaijani activists demanding national identity and education in their mother tongue. Putting them in prison, torturing and ruining their lives. These practices, which were conducted under the name of Islam, are absolutely incompatible with Islamic justice.

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