Wednesday 23 January 2019

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Total Company Withdrawal from Iran put 80 Billion Dollars to waste


Iran, where the day-to-day economy is worsening and many foreign companies have decided to abandon, had to explain the damage of the French oil company to the country.

Iranian Parliamentary Budget and Planning Commissioner Huseyin Ali Hajji Deligani stated that $ 80 billion Iran spent for Total Oil Company for 16 years has ckme to waste.

The Budget and Planning Commissioner criticized Total for withdrawing from the country in 2012 due to Iran sanctions and starting to resume trading with Iran following the nuclear deal signed with Iran and P5 + 1 countries in 2015, saying that ” It cost $ 80 billion. ”

The US announced that it was unilaterally withdrawn from the nuclear deal in May, and the US Treasury Department announced that it would put sanctions, which were lifted in 2015, into force again from 6 August.

French oil and gas company Total has announced that it has been withdrawn from the South Pars Gas Field in the Gulf of Basra, citing the new sanctions by the United States.

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