Monday 4 December 2023

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Denmark accuses Iranian Intelligence

Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen, at a press conference of the ministry, said that Iranian intelligence has been mentioned by the Danish ambassador to Tehran for the purpose of an assassination attempt in Denmark.

“The assassination in Denmark is unacceptable, said Samuelsen. It’s hard to find words to describe the seriousness of the incident. We called back our ambassador in Tehran to hold consultations.

Samuelsen stated that British Prime Minister Theresa May and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made statements to support Denmark and that they would be looking for sanctions against Iran in the European Union (EU). Iran’s Ambassador to Copenhagen was called to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs today and asked for clarification.

The Danish Police Intelligence Agency (PET) said that Iranian intelligence plans to assassinate members of the Arab Struggle for Liberation of Denmark (ASMLA). It announced his arrest in the city of Gothenburg. Iran is accused of trying to kill the Danish leader of ASMLA, whom it considers a terrorist organization.

In an operation on 28 September 2018 in Denmark, it was announced that a person belonging to Iranian intelligence had been arrested, allegedly İran trying to kill some people ’. In Ahvaz, southeast of Iran, on September 22, 25 people lost their lives, the Ahvaz National Resistance, a branch of ASMLA, assumed responsible for the attack on the ceremony. ASMLA founder Ahmed Mola Nissi was shot dead on 8 November 2017 in Hague, Netherlands.

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