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USA: Plan to Finish Iran

Deputy Secretary of the United States Robert Palladino, in the closed to cameras briefing session, made a statement on sanctions that would get in action on November 5th.

Palladino said that the US administration is committed to impose sanctions on Iran and will continue to discuss Iranian policy with other stakeholder countries. The Deputy Spokesman said that they would reinstate the sanctions imposed on the previous agreement with Iran.

“We are determined to put maximum pressure on the Iranian regime and reduce oil sales to zero,” Palladino said.

On the other hand, the US administration, will continue to work with countries that reduce oil intake from Iran, Palladino said, “USA prepares a plan on countries that will significantly reduce the importation of oil from Iran,”.

On 8th of May, the US unilaterally announced its withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with Iran and announced that the second part of the sanctions on Iran, which started its first package on 6 August, will be launched on 5 November.

On the other hand, Palladino made a statement about the Saudi journalist Zhemal Kashıkchı, who was murdered in the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul.

Answering a question about the US stance on the stalker, Palladino said, «The murder of the reporter Kashikchi is a terrible event, but United States continue to collect information about the murder. We are also reiterating our call for a transparent investigation on this issue.»

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