Thursday 1 December 2022

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Disclosure on Sanctions from President Trump

President Trump made statements about sanctions on Iran. I want to go a little slower about sanctions, Trump said. I don’t want oil prices to increase all over the world. Trump, who signaled that the US would follow a cautious...


Sancions on Iran: First withdrawal from Turkey

The embargo by the United States on Iran’s energy exports came in action . Turkey stopped supplying fuel to Iranian aircrafts. Vitol Group, which provides fuel to the airline of Turkey’s Petrol Office has been stopped providing fuel to Iranian...


USA: Plan to Finish Iran

Deputy Secretary of the United States Robert Palladino, in the closed to cameras briefing session, made a statement on sanctions that would get in action on November 5th. Palladino said that the US administration is committed to impose sanctions on...


Iran was given time untill November 2019

In a written statement made by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a warning was given to Iran in July and a promised action plan was put into effect. According to the statement, from today until February 2019, we are...


20 Iranian Firms were banned by the United States sanctions

The United States Treasury Department of Foreign Assets Control Office (OFAC) said in a statement that Bank Mellat and Mehr Eqtesad Bank, one of the leading banks in Iran, were added to the sanctions list. OFAC, imposing sanctions against the...


Lukoil Stops Oil Supply from Iran

Vahit Alekperov, President of Russia-based energy company Lukoil, says they have stopped oil purchases from Iran completely. Alekperov, who has made statements to the Russian press, said they have stopped oil purchases from Iran completely. We expect final statements to...


US to Iran: The Apocalyps would break!

President of the United States Donald Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the United Nations General Assembly held a series of dialogues with mutual needles and threats. While Trump threatened Iran with more sanctions, Rouhani accused the US President...


Volvo stopped its activities in Iran

The United States’ sanctions against Iran and Iran’s weakening economy continue to affect the automotive sector. Volvo representatives stated that the company has not been paid in return for the truck parts sent to Iran, and therefore decided not to...


Another Impact on Iranian Economy! Volkswagen Stopped its Activities in Iran.

German automotive giant Volkswagen has decided to stop most of its activities in Iran because of unilateral sanctions imposed on Tehran by the United States. According to the news of Bloomberg, a US official, the US administration, which imposed unilateral...


First sanctions related impulse came from Japan

The first responseto the United States to the ‘definitive’ call of relations to its allies under sanctions imposed on Iran came from Japan. Japanese banks will abide by the call of the United States and will end their banking transactions...