Sunday 9 December 2018

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Deputy: “Persian language is forcely taught to people”


Pezeshkiyan, a member of the Iranian parliament of the city of Tabriz of South Azerbaijan, said that people were forced to persecute to Persian language.
Speaking at a ceremony celebrating the 70th anniversary of Tabriz Medical University on April 19th, “750 years ago in Rübb-i Rashidi University in Tabriz education was seen in seven languages. But now we are pushing people to learn the Persian language. We (Azerbaijani Turks) had a university for 750 years, not 70 years. At that time, seven languages were taught and sent to the whole world, “he said.

The deputy chairman of the Iranian parliament has added that it is a sad feeling to be in this situation today. “750 years ago, there was no such decision at Rübb-i Rashidi University. Learning a few languages is a glory. As a result, it is possible to obtain many experiences. But now the universities have no such possibility. ”

The Azerbaijani deputy stated that he was proud of being Turkish and said, “When I was working in the Ministry, I offered at 3 levels and bring this issue to the agenda. But after me, this plan was forgotten and was not brought back again. ”

In recent days, the Iranian Constitution has come to terms with the application of Article 15 on education in the mother tongue, one of the basic demands of the people in Iran. It has been reported that many Azerbaijani deputies are working on this issue.

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