Monday 5 December 2022

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Solidarity day of World’s Azerbaijanis

Tommarow, 31 December is the Solidarity Day of World’s Azerbaijanis, which is celeberated by Azerbaijani Turks all around the world including South Azerbaijan. History of this day is related to the removal of barbed wires on the border of South...

Official racism and chauvinism in Iran

Iranian State Media Deny Historical Existence of Turks in South Azerbaijan

As an aspect of official chauvinism, during the past century Iranian state media has dined historical existence of Turks in the country especially in Azerbaijan. There are plenty of official and unofficial publications for this aim in Iran. As a...

Persian chauvinism in Iran;

İmprisonment for taking photo with flag of Azerbaijan

A South Azerbaijani young man has been jailed by Iranian judiciary because of taking photo with flag of Republic of Azerbaijan. Mohammad Tamaddon a young man from Urmia city and some other young people were arrested by Iranian police when...

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Very rare application;

Some municipalities begin to use Azerbaijani Turkish banners

In a rare application municipalities of Tabriz and Khoy in South Azerbaijan used Azerbaycani Turkish banners to welcome some events. Municipality of Tabriz has written some banners in Azerbaijani Turkish to welcome the Tabriz 2018 event and municipality of Khoy...

Lake Urmia disaster

South Azerbaijani MPs: insufficient budget for Lake Urmia rescue program

Several South Azerbaijani parliament members have expressed in seperate occasions that the budget assigned for Lake Urmia saving program for the next year is insufficient. Mohammad Esmail Saidi, PM of Tabriz has said by this amount of budget Lake Urmia...

Newly stablished South Azerbaijani TV

Araz News Congratulated “SAV TV”

A very recent stablished TV channel named “SAV TV” has went on air for its test programs. The Netherlands based SAV TV has declared it will focus on South Azerbaijani Turkish nation’s rights which are deprived by Iranian Islamic regime....

National State Day of South Azerbaijan

72nd Anniversary of South Azerbaijan National Government Commemorated in Tabriz, Karaj, Ankara, İstanbul, Berlin and Stockholm + Photos

72nd anniversary of South Azerbaijan National Government commemorated widely by Azerbaijani communities around the world. Several ceremonies have been held in cities of Tabriz the historical capital of South Azerbaijan; Karaj, in Tehran province; Ankara, İstanbul, Berlin and Stockholm. A...


Publishing of Political View of ‘oyrenci sesi’ in the form of leaflets in South Azerbaijan

‘Oyrenci Sesi’s political look entitled “Strategies to prevent the spread of terrorist groups in West Azarbaijan” published in a pamphlet and distributed in the cities of South Azerbaijan.   The activists of the Azerbaijani National Movement published political look of...

While Iranian Authorities push for;

South Azerbaijani Activists Resist Against and Denounce Making Farsi the old Turkish names

A few years ago city council of Urmia in South Azerbaijan made a decision to use the original Turkish form of the city’s name in official correspondence of council. Afterward the signboard of the city council was changed to Turkish...

Urmia Lake disaster

Official authority: Lake Urmia is drying up

Provincial director of the Urmia Lake Recovery Program in West Azerbaijan said: the water level of the Urmia Lake decreased 21 cm in compare with the same period of last year.   Farhad Sarkhosh stated that the water level of...

Human rights in South Azerbaijan

South Azerbaijani activists called for unconditional release of Azerbaijani political prisoners in Iran

South Azerbaijani national-civil activists in the city of Ardebil called for release of political prisoners in prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran.   According to Araz News, South Azerbaijani activists in the city of Ardabil has hung posters of...

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Joint Statement of Political Parties and Groups of South Azerbaijan on the Occasion of the 72nd Anniversary of the Establishment of the “National Government of (South) Azerbaijan”

December 12, the anniversary of the establishment of the national government in South Azerbaijan, the manifestation of the will of a nation and the crystallization of national resistance to the oppression and discrimination of apartheid is celebrated annually by the...


The commemorative conference of South Azerbaijan’s National Government held by the of Hazar Civilizations, Culture and Social Enlightenment Association

The commemorative conference of South Azerbaijan’s National Government held by the of Hazar Civilizations, Culture and Social Enlightenment Association According to ArazNews, the commiserative conference of South Azerbaijan’s National Government was held by Hazar Civilization, Culture and Social Enlightenment Association...

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Well-known activist Yürüş Mihralibeyli visited Aziz Purveli

Well-known activist Yürüş Mihralibeyli, went to visit elder in a community activist Aziz Purveli. South Azerbaijan elder in a community activist Aziz Purveli, had an operation in a hospital in Tabri in couple of days ago. After come out of...


Iran security forces did not allow movie screening in Erdebil

Iran Security forces did not allow movie screening the movie called “Gemici” which was filmed in Urmia Lake and near the lake. The movie screening was 29 November 18.00 in Devrimci Sineması as it announced before. In addition to this...