Sunday 9 December 2018

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John Benjamin Toshack Resigns because of Iranian Regimes’ Policy


John Benjamin Toshack, head coach of the Tractor football team of the city of Tabriz, left Tabriz after his team was defeated by Senet Neft.

After the defeat of Tractor, the separation from Tabriz gave birth to many rumors. Mass media wrote that the head coach was dismissed by club officials. However, the statement made by the owner of the Tractor club Mohammad Zenuzi and the club put an end to all doubts and rumors. The reason for the resignation of the coach is due to the pressure on the Traktor by the Iranian regime.

Mohammad Zenuzi, who attended the program via phone, said, Ben John Benjamin Toshack will no longer return to Tabriz. He resigned from Tabriz to Istanbul and to his hometown due to the anger and discrimination in football. ”

It should be noted that all strong sports teams of South Azerbaijan, including the Tractor, operate under different pressure from the Iranian regime. Various decisions of the Football Federation’s Management Committee, and measures are taken against team supporters. Detention by security forces, financial pressures against the club, etc. are just a few of them.

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