Thursday 29 February 2024

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Turkey and Azerbaijan Flags on Tractor Football Team Match

Tractor Football Club team supporters, waved flags of Azerbaijan and Turkey in Tabriz Shehend Stadium.

On Friday, during the Tractor-Sepidrud match, our companions represented the tricolor holy flag of Azerbaijan holding up in the sky red and green balloons in their hands.

Turkish flag fluttered in the stadium for a few minutes.

The fans of the Tractor Football Club spades also showed a great poster. The poster, which points to the unity of the Turks, had the words writen “Great Turkestan – Turkmen, Kaskay and Azerbaijan.”

Iranian Security forbids bringing flags of Azerbaijan and Turkey match in the stadium’s during Tractor foorbal team matches, banners and posters also are not allowed, despite this ban our compatriots use Turkish flags and banners to support the Team and emphasize national identity.

Tractor – Sepidrud match ended in a 2: 1 draw.

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