Tuesday 31 January 2023

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Brotherhood of Kashgay Trukmens and Azerbaijani Turks

Our citizen told that they are proud of the team of Kashgay Turks, ‘Oksin Elborz’ which they met in Korsan.

Sunday’s match in the first group leauge, of Shiraz’s Kashgay team ended with a 2: 1 score. Azerbaijan and Kashgay Turks, who participated in the match as supporters, displayed an exemplary union amd brotherhood. Our citizens have supported both teams by raising the flags of the Tractor and Kashgay teams.

Last Saturday, during the match between the teams of South Azerbaijan’s Tractor and Rasht’s Sepidrud in Sehend Stadium in Tabriz, a team of Turkmen, Kashgay and Azerbaijani Turk formed a union of Supporters.

Kashgay Turks living in Shiraz, Kohkiluye and Boyirahmad, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiyari, Khuzistan, Isfahan, Fars, Kum, Merkez and Bushehr provinces are one of the largest Turkish communities in Iran. Although there is no a definite statistic about the number of Turks in Kashgay, it is estimated that they have a population of 2-3 million in Iran.

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