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Kashgay Turkish Musician Has Lost His Life

Farhad Gorgunpur, the great music master of Kashgay Turks, died at the age of 70.

The musician, who has been fighting cancer for a long time, passed away at the Namazi Hospital in Shiraz on October 31st.

Farhad Gorgunpur was born in 1948 in a family of Kashgay Turks in Şiraz. The musician, who had weak eyes since he was born, completely lost his sight at the age of 50. Yet, as an accordionist, he became a great master of music.

Farhad Gorgunpur also works in the field of literature: «Garib and Sanam» and «Köroğlu» are some of his famous works.

Farhad Gorgunpur’s father was Habib, was a setar player. Four of his sons were Frud, Farhad and Perchecer. All the sons of Habib Gorgunpur were masters of music.

Farhad Gorgunpur was buried in the cemetery of Abad city on November 1.

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