Monday 10 December 2018

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Offer from Tractor Sazi to Aykut Kocaman

At the beginning of the season, Ali Koc after separating from Fenerbahce, for a while did not run any team. After 4 seasons in Fenerbahce , one of the most experienced technical man was claimed to come to South Azerbaijan....


33rd Azerbaijan Cycling Tour came to an End

33rd Azerbaijan Cycling Tour was completed in South Azerbaijan. This year’s tour is reported to be very quiet and unexciting. The final stage of the ’Azerbaijan cycling tour can was held in Tabriz on Friday. Belgium’s Tartelto became the champion...


South Azerbaijan Sportsmen Won Many Medals at the 18th Asian Games

South Azerbaijani athletes participating in the 2018 Asian Games held in Jakarta, Indonesia earned several medals. On August 24, athletes of the Zengan won gold, silver and bronze medals in various sports. According to the report, Mohsun Mahammad Seyfi, who...


Tebriz’s “Shehdari” team becomes Super League Champion in Water Jumps Contests

Tabriz Şehdari (Municipal Administration) continues to achieve success in Azerbaijan. This time the Shehdari team became the Iranian Super Champion of Jumps in water sport. The final round of the competition took place at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran on...


Tebriz’s “Shehdari” Team Became Basketball Super League Champion

Tebriz’s “Şehdari” basketball team became the Iranian super league champion. This is a pioneer experience in basketball in South Azerbaijan. A South Azerbaijani team won the championship for the first time at Basketball. On 13 February, the Tabriz “Şehdari” club...


Slogans ‘Long Live Azerbaijan’ in Tehran Basketball Stadium

On February 10th, Mehran basketball team of Tehran hosted Tebriz’s Şehdari team in Azadi Stadium. During the match Azerbaijani fans played a special role. The last match of the Super League competitions ended with a score of 86:95. Since Mehram...


Muctaba Sai, one of the sports correspondents of Tebriz Sehend TV channel, has published Tractor team report.

He posted an interview on Azerbaijani Turkic Language about Tractor team under the video published on Instagram profile. The praiseworthy work of the journalist is the first step in this direction. Sai said that with the help of Azerbaijani people...

New coach signed the deal with

Ertuğrul Sağlam called “Tractor” is One Of The Most Rooted Football Teams Of Iran that has 25 Million Turkish Supporters.

Ertuğrul Sağlam, coach from Turkey, became the head of South Azerbaijan’s “Tractor” football team. At the ceremony in Tabriz Sağlam called Tractor one of the most prominent teams in Iran, with 25 million Turkish supporters. He said that he felt...


Azerbaijan Has Gained 7th medal from Rio Olympic UP to Now [PHOTO]

Araz News: Azerbaijan’s athletes added two more medals to the country’s medal haul thus increasing the number of trophies to seven in Rio Olympics. National female wrestler Maria Stadnik has tonight claimed a silver medal of the Rio in the women’s...


South Azerbaijani is not Iran banner raised in Oslo

Araz News: At a football match between the Norwegian and Azerbaijani national teams in Oslo, Azerbaijani spectators took the opportunity to hoist a large sign bearing Azerbaijani nationalist slogan, “South Azerbaijan is not Iran.” The June 13 bout, which was a...


International media covers Tractor Sazi upset

Araz News: Eyes were on Tractor Sazi Azerbaijan this week as international media covered the stunning upset that placed Tractor Sazi in second place in the Iranian Pro League. Widely regarded among the Azerbaijani-Turks living in Iran as the Azerbaijani national...

Coach Toni Oliveira

Ethnic tensions spill onto Iranian soccer pitches

By James M. Dorsey Against a backdrop of the violent redrawing of the map of the Middle East as minorities assert their rights, rebels challenge the existing order, and militant Islamists seek to carve up the post-colonial order, Iranian soccer...

Iranian Azeri Soccer Fans Burn the Iranian Flag