Friday 24 May 2024

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Akşener: Salute to the Nation that says ’Haray Haray I am Turk!’

Turkey’s “Iyi Party” Chairman, one of the parties in the Grand National Assembly Party, Meral Akşener, made an important statement on the Turkish world.

Earlier, on 18th of October, Azerbaijan Independence Day, on the official Twitter profile, Akşener celebrated Azerbaijani Turks, showing a significant friendship, and made a step to friendship at the group meeting.

Akşener; . You know, October 18th was the anniversary of liberation of Azerbaijan. From here, I congratulate the Gazi Assembly. Happy birthday. Peace be upon Azerbaijan. The salvation of Shusha mountains, burning with the love of the same salvation, salute Karabakh! ”Haray haray men Türk’em”, “Greetings to Tabriz!”
Greetings to Kerkuk. Greetings to Bayır Bucak, Western Thrace. To Crimea saying “ Not a handful of people, but a fist nation!”. Blue flag waiting for the wind. Say hello to the motherland. Greet Shams Sadat in Afghanistan. My greatest dream is to see the Turkish unity, said Aziz Sancar. Salute the children of Al Bayrak, who earn bread all over the world. Turkistan, greet you! Great and salute the country of life. May our presence be a gift to the Turkish world !!! ”

These words of Akşener brought intense applause during the acclaimed party meeting.

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