Monday 4 December 2023

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Azerbaijan Bicycle Tournament was Canceled by Iranian Regime

While the South Azerbaijani people are preparing for the “Azerbaijan Cycling Tour”, the government officials canceled the race under the pretext of “currency problem”.

Tabriz Bicycling Board President Nasir Hushyar spoke to Persian news agency on Wednesday.

“As in previous years, preparations were made for the tour. There were even ways to come up with different team members’ homes and ways to go. But the real problem is the financial problem in the country. ”

Nasir Hushyar noted that “Tour can continue until the end of 2018”. “If the race prize is ready, it is possible to start the tour immediately. “He said.

The Azerbaijan Cycling Tour, which was registered as “International Azerbaijan Tour” on the calendar of the Asian Cycling Federation, has been held since 1986 and is regarded as one of Asia’s most reliable tours.

The Iranian regime has taken some steps in recent years to overthrow the Azerbaijani flag. In 2013, “Azerbaijan Cycling Tour” was renamed to “Iran-Azerbaijan Cycling Tour”. The tour passes through Eastern Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Erdebil and Zencan. In addition, the annual summer tour was held in the first months of autumn of last year. Many countries refused to participate in the race because it rained duting the tour

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