Monday 10 December 2018

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Innovation in tourism sector in cities of Tabriz and Urmia


Measures for innovation in the tourism sector have been started in the cities of Tabriz and Urmia of South Azerbaijan. Tabriz Municipality Tourism Development Agency’s Executive Director Rza Helili said that taxi drivers who speak English in Tebriz will serve foreign tourists who come to the city. Taxi drivers started the task « Ask me» due to the “Tabriz 2018” project and the Nevruz holiday, as they did last year. Helli added that the feature of the “ask me” taxis is that the drivers know the city very well and the local people have confidence in them. Urmiye Municipality made similar innovations in the field of tourism. According to the report, the first tourist bus of the eastern Azerbaijani province started operating in Nevruz holiday. In Iranian news; buses were serving tourists to the nearby museums and historic sites but did not introduce them to the city. As for now people who know the center of the city are working to tour the tourists. It should not be forgotten that the southern provinces of Azerbaijan may be the most attractive region for tourists due to its fascinating nature and historical places. However, as in other areas, there is no investment in the tourism sector of the region, so there is no improvement in this area. Although many times the deputies of the region have been raising this problem, it was ignored by the authorities. But South Azerbaijanis are making their way to develop the cities with their own means.

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