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33rd Azerbaijan Cycling Tour Began

Despite many obstacles, the 33th Azerbaijan Bike Tour was launched on September 30th.

The first phase of the competition began in Tabriz (151 km) on the Tabriz-Urmiye route. In the second round, cyclists will travel from Urmia to Culfa for 209 kilometers.

The competitions starting on 30th of September will last until 5th of October.

Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Lithuania (Lithuania) and the Czech Republic, Tabriz’s ”Shahdari” and “GunAy” teams, as well as Pisgaman Kabir, Iranian DFT and Iran national team joined the competition.

In the meantime, Said Safarzadeh, a member of the Tabriz Shahdari cycling team, shouted at his team’s tough financial situation: We tried to join the race as a strong team. However, due to financial problems, the team lost 3 athletes, after which the Shahdari team was slightly weakened.

In In the opening ceremony, everyone saw our team participating in 6 competitions. Despite all this, I hope that we will achieve good results in the competitions, said Safarzadeh.

The de Azerbaijan Cycling Tour started the last weeks when it was announced that there would be no race because of the financial woes.

In recent days, the Azerbaijan Cycling Tour secretary has announced that the budget has not been paid for the races and said about $ 3 billion is needed to make these competitions, but so far no fees have been paid.

The allocation of budget funds for the Azerbaijan Cycling Tour was met with a harsh protest of the Azerbaijanis and it was soon decided to make the competition.

The Azerbaijan Cycling Tour, which has been registered as the International Azerbaijan Tour in the Asian Bike Federation calendar, has been recognized as one of the most reliable tours in Asia since 1986.

The Iranian regime has taken some steps to overthrow the tour of Azerbaijan in recent years. In 2013, ”Azerbaijan Cycling Tour“ was renamed-Iran-Azerbaijan Cycling Tour 2013. In addition, the tour, held annually in the summer, was held in the first months of autumn last year. Many countries refused to participate in the race as it rained.

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