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Accident in Tabriz: 7 Dead

South Azerbaijan’s non-standard roads continue to take lives.

A spokesman for the East Azerbaijan Emergency Medicine Center said that on September 27th there was a heavy traffic accident on the road Tabriz-Urmia.

According to the remarks of Vahid Shadiniya, seven people died in a tragic accident as a result of the collision of the Semend and Prayd branded cars on the Hasiban bridge.

Four of those killed were in Prayd, and 3 in the Semend car. Car collision caused a fire. After informing the Emergency Medical Center, the rescue team was sent to the scene. The group arrived at the scene for emergency aid and confirmed that 7 people had been traumatized.

People gathered at the scene underlined that they were an obstacle to rescuers, Shadiniya said. This problem causes more injuries to the survivors. Such cases should not be allowed.

The village of Hasiban, which is connected to Illikci, is located 25 km south west of Tabriz.

Almost every day in South Azerbaijan has a large number of traffic accidents happen, leading to many casualties and major injuries. The competent authorities of the country explain the problem that poses a real threat to human life for a variety of reasons, and instead of doing so, they fall within the scope of the news. Experts showed that roads are uneven, poor quality cars and human factors are a major causes of accidents.

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