Monday 4 December 2023

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South Azerbaijani Truck Drivers in Action

On September 23, the protests began in Southern Azerbaijan and Iran.

According to the report, on the 8th day of the protests, seven drivers were detained by security forces in Razan city of Hamadan province.

The Razan prosecutor accused the detained drivers of creating traffic jams on the roads and encouraging drivers to protest. The detainees said they would be tried on charges of attempting to break national security.

There were reports of 80 drivers arrested in different cities of the country.

The number of protesting truck drivers in Merend city of South Azerbaijan is increasing. The drivers said they would continue their protests until their demands are met.

Drivers are protesting against the low cost of freight transport services, expensive car parts, arbitrary traffic police, non-payment of insurance fees to the state and high tariffs for freight authorities and require the authorities to take into account these issues.

Truck drivers held a protest for the fourth time this year, but so far no demand has been fulfilled

Court officials, said the drivers will continue to rally the highest penalties.

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