Monday 10 December 2018

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Protests Continue in Iran


In the midst of the economic crisis, dozens of workers in Abadan city municipality in Iran’s Huzistan province organized a protest in front of the municipality to get their salaries.

According to the Iranian Workers’ News Agency (ILNA), dozens of workers in Abadan Municipality have organized a major protest in front of the municipality because they have not been able to receive their salaries for three months.

In the images on social media, it is seen that workers closed the entrance door of the residence with a scoop.

A worker who did not want his name to be announced stated that about 80 workers working in the building and repair department could not get their salaries for more than 3 months and their social rights were not granted.

Due to the economic crisis in Iran, some employers find it difficult to pay workers’ wages. The question of how long this bad trend of the economy will continue in Iran is become unknown.

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