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“Seni Diyorlar” Dance Campaign is on the Agenda in South Azerbaijan and Other Turkic countries

In recent days, the campaign of “Seni Diyorlar ” has become widespread in South Azerbaijan.
In this campaign young people are dancing to Azerbaijani Turkic song “Seni Diyorlar”, and publishing their dances on social media. The campaign, which is becoming more widespread and considering many news agencies, is attracting interest among all South Azerbaijani and Iranian Turks.
In the campaign that looks like only a dance show at the first glance, it actually contains a lot of messages.
– First of all, this campaign is a reaction against the ban made by the Iranian Regime to Azerbaijani Turkic language, people show how much they are tied to the Turkish language.
– In this song , one of the main problems of South Azerbaijan, the disaster of the Urmia Lake, is emphasized and thus the problem of Urmia Lake is moving on the agenda again and again.
– With this campaign, people oppose the social bans in Iran, especially the prohibition of dancing, music and the compulsory veiling of women. It shows civil resistance of Azerbaijani Turks.
– The fact that the campaign is in Turkish and the participation of Turkish youth attracts attention of South Azerbaijan showing that the Turks possess a separate social consciousness.
This campaign has started to spread rapidly especially in the Republic of Azerbaijan and many citizens and artists have participated in this campaign to send support message to South Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan Republic media are spreading the news of this campaign.
This campaign attracted particular attention with the emphasis on national unity and solidarity between South and North Azerbaijan.
The campaign’s emphasis on Turkish language and Urmia Lake disaster and a number of other issues related to Azerbaijan has been perceived as a civil protest by Turkish youth living in all parts of Iran.

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