Sunday 9 December 2018

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Tractor’s Coach Leaves Tabriz


South Azerbaijan Tractor football team head coach John Benjamin Toshack left Tabriz.

After the defeat of Tractor to Senet Nefet team in the quarter finals of the Iranian Cup, news about the dismissal of the head coach took place and now John Benjamin Toshack left Tabriz.

On 17th September at 3: 00, the plane was reported to leave from Tabriz to Istanbul.

According to the ISNA news agency, John Benjamin Toshack, an assistant coach and program manager, has left South Azerbaijan.

By this time, the owners of the Tractor football club did not give any explanation as to why the head coach was fired or why he left Tabriz.

The former coach of the Real Madrid team was brought on by his team to make the Tractor the champion, but six weeks after the 18th super league competition, the Tractor team gained only 9 points.

Mohammadreza Zenuzi, the owner of the tractor club, is now in Russia and reportedly will return to Tabriz on Tuesday. After the club owner returns, it will probably be the final decision regarding the head coach.

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