Monday 10 December 2018

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Tractor won a brother team match


Match that started on August 30 at 6.00 pm local time, ending with the victory of Tractor.

In the 6th week of Iran’s 18th Super League, Tebriz’s Sehend Stadium was hosting Tractor and Mashinazi. The friendly team game ended with a score of 2: 1 in the favour of Tractor.

40 thousand citizens participated as spectators. The seats were not shared between the two teams, so they watched the game side by side.

National slogans were staged at different stages of the game. On the 15th minute, the slogan “Everybody should have madrasa (school) in Turkish language” was performed in the stadium.

In Iran, it is forbidden for women and girls to enter the stadium to watch the match. Citizens are demanding the cancellation of the law prohibiting them from entering the stadium by holding papers in their hands. They expressed objections with words: “Women’s right to come to the stadium”, “Freedom to women” and “Men = Girls”.

It is forbidden for women in Iran, even young girls, to enter the stadiums. The law, which contradicts human rights, has always caused widespread protest in Iran and South Azerbaijan.

Meanwhile, the Football Federation Management Committee has also disabled some of the clubs participating in Super League competitions. Tractor supporters were accused of insulting Saypa’s chief coach Ali Dayi. Ali Dayi has repeatedly expressed the prejudices and accusations against Azerbaijan .
“According to Article 86 of the Administrative Crimes Act, Tractor has to pay 200 million rial. The reason for this is the decision of the management committee to say that some of the supporters of the club in the soccer match with Saypa insult the head coach of the rival (Ali Dayi) and throw the stone to the side of the “Saypa” supporters.

Tractor – Saypa match was played on 17 August at Sehend Stadium in Tabriz.

The Football Federation punishes the Tractor Club periodically for various reasons. The aim is to prevent the development of the South Azerbaijani team and prevent it from becoming a champion.

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