Monday 5 December 2022

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Discussion on ”Social Media Ban“ in Iran

Iranian Communications and Information Technology Minister Mohammad Javad Azeri Jehromi and some lawmakers demand the removal of social media bans that have caused thousands of people to become unemployed and summoned negative reaction of the broad sections of the society...


“Seni Diyorlar” Dance Campaign is on the Agenda in South Azerbaijan and Other Turkic countries

In recent days, the campaign of “Seni Diyorlar ” has become widespread in South Azerbaijan. In this campaign young people are dancing to Azerbaijani Turkic song “Seni Diyorlar”, and publishing their dances on social media. The campaign, which is becoming...


Social Media Usage Control

The Iranian Police detained 46 women in an operation in Bandar Abbas city in the south of the country. The Iranian state, which is trying to ban all social media applications, is also taking people who use it into custody...


Iranian Government Telgram Ban Does not Work

Iran’s most popular messaging application Telegram has been denied access, although 79 percent of users have continued to use the application. Iranian deputy Muhammad Nasimi says attempts to ban the Telegram have failed. Kazımı said that 79 percent of Telegram...


Another Ban from Dictatorial Iran.

Iran’s Deputy Chief Prosecutor Muhammad Mousaddik said that the use of Instagram would be banned in Iran. At a press conference held in Tehran, the Deputy Chief Prosecutor Mossadik said that Instagram would be banned from the most used social...