Wednesday 23 January 2019

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People in the Zengan State refer to Selling the Kidneys to overcome Poverty


The economic crisis reached so many points in Iran that; people are now trying to earn money to survive by selling their organs. Particularly the non-Persian regions are more poverty-stricken.

In Zengan, Southern Azerbaijan, the number of our citizens selling kidneys due to poverty is increasing.

Gülşen Babakhani, a specialist in the Zengan State Kidney Disease Association, said that the number of people selling kidneys to solve household problems increased.

“In recent years, there have been fewer renal sellers in the Zengan province. However, these phenomena are frequently recorded in recent times due to various problems. On average, six people each day apply for selling kidney transplants or more organs from their bodies. At the same time, there are also young people “he said.

According to the expert, most people who want to sell their body organs are representatives of the poorer class and simple workers who can not solve their economic problems.

Poverty has begun to suffer, especially in the southern regions of Azerbaijan. There is a similar situation in many provinces and villages of Azerbaijan.

At the same time, the Zengan province is also targeted by the assimilation policy of the Iranian regime, and a severe economic collapse is experienced as a result of the discriminatory policy of the Iranian regime.

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