Thursday 1 December 2022

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Single Flight from South Azerbaijan to Europe was cancelled


The flights between Tabriz and Hamburg were suspended after 16 months of operation.

It is noteworthy that the removal of Tebriz’s only flight to European cities took place during the period when Tabriz was elected as a tourism capital by Islamic countries.

The situation emerged after the announcement made in Ilna News Agency, by Keshm Airlines Eastern Azerbaijan branch president Bahreyn deputy Azari.

According to the information, flights will be temporarily suspended this Friday due to lack of support from local residents.

“We’ve worked hard to get a license for two flights a week. Private sector representatives and businessmen also provided the necessary support. However, local Keshm Airlines had to cancel this flight because of the non-compliance with the promises.

After organizing a voyage between Tabriz and Hamburg, 11 state bodies held a meeting to continue the flights and promised to take the necessary precautions. But 16 months passed, but no steps were taken in this direction. Apparently, the government does not understand the importance of the problem. Mr. Bahram said it is not a good thing to face the threat of cancellation of a single flight to Europe over the year in which Tabriz was chosen as the Islamic tourism capital. ”

A single flight from South Azerbaijan to Europe has been canceled; there are flights from cities like Isfahan and Shiraz and the capital Tehran to European cities.

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