Monday 10 December 2018

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Constitutional Debate from Iranian Deputies


Deputy of Erdebil’s Iranian parliament, Südeyif Bedri, demanded that the Turkish language be taught based on Article 15 of the Constitution.

On May 4 “Mugham Shahseven Labor Day” he said:

“Several candidates in the elections have repeatedly said this, but no steps have been taken so far. Article 15 should be applied to prevent the destruction of our mother tongue, “he said.

He also stated that he was doing special work in teaching the mother tongue. “I prepared a draft proposal by collecting 142 deputies’ signatures on mother tongue teaching. According to this project, the state should provide teaching of Turkish language and implementation of Article 15. We can also provide you with the help of law enforcement in this matter. ”

The words of the deputy were met with great sympathy during the festival.

Speaking to the parliament’s news agency on 17 April, Bedri said that the schools had prepared a project proposal for mother tongue teaching and said that we would be witnessing the teaching of the mother tongues if this project was accepted.

These words of Azerbaijani parliamentarians provoked pan-Islamists and those acted against Azerbaijan. The so-called innovative “Law”, which is known to be hostile towards South Azerbaijan, said that after the declaration of the deputy, it did not comply with Article 15 of the Constitution and said that the teaching of the mother tongue in Iran was a threat to the security of the country.

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