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Article on Tabriz city in Turkish Newspaper


In Turkey where tourism is one of the most important sectors, in the Hürriyet newspaper the tittle “a Turkish city in Iran: Tabriz” was given to the South Azerbaijan’s capital .

“Like every traveler on his way to Iran, I passed through the frontiers with a bit of frustration. There are big differences between Iran, which we are told and real Iran. I am very sad to have such little and wrong information about a country that is located right next to us . We will leave our prejudices and misunderstandings on the side and look to the biggest Turkish city of Iran …”.

“Iran has about 37 million Turks. Second city I visited after Erdebil, is the fourth largest city of Iran, Tabriz, inhabited by Turks. Tabriz has become a center of many civilizations and cultures because it is a city established on the historical route. Although many historical works have been lost since the great earthquake that occurred 350 years ago, the city has seen traces of history hidden in streets and in unexpected places. “With the emphasis on the importance of Tabriz with its clements, photographs of many places of Tabriz were also included.

“To this date, in many countries I have traveled countless cities but I have never seen people so warm and hospitable. You can walk around the city at any time you want, and you can meet people coming from your back giving a valuable things you have forgotten. ”

“Iran is the mother tongue in Persian, but in Tabriz almost all people speak in Turkish. Of course this is a different accent, but you can easily negotiate. Even after a while you get accustomed to the axle and you start to say the words in the same way. ”

The article was finished by mentioning places to stay, Tabriz’s cultural activities, places to visit, and the article on clothing.

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