Saturday 28 January 2023

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Iranian regime sentences Ahwazi political prisoners to death

Araz News:Two Ahwazi Arab political prisoners have been sentenced to death by the  Revolution Court of the Iranian regime in Ahwaz, sources in the media office of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz said.
According to well-informed sources, the court sentenced Abdullah Abbas al-Kaabi and Qassim Obeid al-Kaabi to death on August 31.

Three other of their fellow activists have been sentenced to life in prison. They are named: Ahmed Ali al-Kaabi Abu Farouk, Majid Daham al-Kaabi, and Hassan Habib al-Kaabi.

The sources yet noted the first branch of the Revolution court issued this verdict amid ambiguous detention circumstances.

The detainees sentenced to death have been barred from seeing their relatives since their arrest on August 21, 2015.
Also, there have been minor sentences issued by the court. Ali Abbas Al Kaabi (brother of Abdullah Abbas Al Kaabi), Issa Nasser Al Kaabi and Majid Mashaaf Al Kaabi received three-year jail sentences.
Abdullah Abbas and Qassem Obaid, who received the death penalty, are now languishing behind bars of the Iranian intelligence.
Courts of the Iranian regime consider all forms of resisting the Iranian regime oppression as ‘plain defiance of God’s commands.
On such accusation,  Ahwazi freedom fighters are usually sentenced to death or life imprisonment.


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